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6 Important Concert Safety Tips

6 Important Concert Safety Tips

It’s almost summer, and that means there are a TON of great concerts and music festivals coming up throughout the Bay Area and surrounding regions! From small local shows, to iconic music venues like the Greek Theatre, to massive festivals like Hardly Strictly and Outside Lands, there is no shortage of musical opportunity. But remember, even the best experience can be spoiled by a lack of safety precautions. Be sure to follow these tips and create a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone this summer.

1) Bike, Lyft, or Walk

Concerts usually causes for street closures, detours, and limited parking. We recommend biking, sharing a Lyft with friends, or walking so you don’t have to deal with the stress of driving, navigating, and parking.

2) Stay hydrated

California summers are notoriously hot. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water will keep you hydrated. This is a good tip no matter what you’re doing, but especially important if you are going to be dancing around and jumping at a show!

3) Go in groups

The old saying, “safety in numbers” applies to concerts as well. Go with a friend or in a group and use techniques like the buddy system and a common meeting place.

4) Dress appropriately

No, this isn’t a judgment on what you choose to wear! Just be sure to dress in layers so that you don’t overheat during a show or freeze if it goes into the night.

5) Eat properly

Just as you need to drink plenty of water, an amazing concert can quickly turn sour if you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded due to a lack of nourishment. Eat a meal before you go, or make sure you have a plan in place for festivals or long shows. Pack clean snacks like almonds or fruit, to keep your energy levels up!