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Dealing with the Holiday Travel Rush

Dealing with the Holiday Travel Rush

Planes, trains, and automobiles! No matter which mode of transportation you plan on using this holiday season, chances are you’ll encounter heavy traffic and crowded airports or train stations. Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular cause more than their fair share of headaches when it comes to holiday traveling. If you’re planning on leaving home for the holidays, check out these tips and tricks to help you deal with the travel rush.

Be prepared
If you chose to hit the road for your holiday travels, make sure everything is in place before you start driving. Always ensure maintenance on your car is up to date before long drives. Pack essentials like water, snacks, and phone chargers just in case you get stuck in heavy traffic. Map out your route in advance, and see if there are alternative routes that will help you avoid traffic.

Avoid peak travel dates
As Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, you can be sure that flying out on Wednesday and returning on Sunday will cost substantially more. There will also be huge crowds, so try to see if you can swing leaving and returning on other days. In fact, traveling on Thanksgiving Day itself is often a better option.

Allow more time
Regardless of how you reach your destination, more people traveling will mean longer wait times. You’re going to have to leave earlier than you normally would, especially if you’re flying. Full parking lots, traffic jams, and security lines will be a lot less stressful if you’re not pressed for time.

Stay calm
Most importantly, try to keep your cool — even in the midst of the crazy holiday travel rush! The more level-headed you remain, the better the experience will be for you, your family, and everyone else around you (including those employees working on the holiday)!