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Prepping Your Car for Rainy Days

Prepping Your Car for Rainy Days

We’re not done with the rainy season yet! Just because we live in California, this doesn’t mean we can forget about preparing to drive in the rain. There are plenty of precautions you can take while driving that will make the road safer for everybody like slowing down and allowing more distance between yourself and the cars in front of you. But there are also plenty of precautions you can take before you get behind the wheel that will make life easier should you run into a rainstorm on your drive.

1) Test your windshield wipers

It may seem like common sense but making sure that your wipers are effective can make a huge difference when driving in the rain. Test them out to make sure they don’t leave streaks and replace your blades and refill your wiper fluid if necessary.

2) Check your brakes

With slippery roads, you’re going to want to have working brakes. If they make any kind of scratching or squeaking noise when you brake, get them checked out as soon as you can. Replace your brake pads and fluid if necessary.

3) Maintain your tires

Check all of your tires for sufficient tread on all sides. If you’re unsure, consult a mechanic or someone who can correctly inform you whether your tires need to be replaced. Be sure that all of your tires are filled with the appropriate amount of air specifically for your car.

4) Maintain your headlights

Poor visibility is a huge cause of accidents during a storm. If your headlights seem dimmer than they should be, or if you’ve been meaning to have them replaced, be sure to do so before driving in the rain. It’s possible that they may just need to be cleaned, so try out your options.

5) Maintain your battery

Don’t you always feel bad for the person stuck on the side of the road in the pouring rain? Don’t be that person! Do your best to avoid unnecessary battery usage during the rainy season like leaving the radio on or forgetting about a light.