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Top 5 Summer Driving Safety Tips

Top 5 Summer Driving Safety Tips

As we enter the beautiful summer months, there are going to be a lot more drivers on the road enjoying the open road! Take a look at the following 5 tips to be sure that you’re the best driver you can be.

1. Share the road

Between students out on summer vacation and families taking a summer road trip, you are bound to encounter more drivers than you would throughout the rest of the year. But also keep in mind that with better weather, there will also be more motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road. Give them more space than you would another car, and scan the roadway in all directions before changing lanes.

2. Don’t drive drowsy

You might be tempted to stay out late on a nice, warm summer night! But when you do, don’t take any risks if you’re feeling sleepy. If you’re going to be making a long drive, make sure that you are well rested beforehand. Take a break every couple of hours even if you’re not drowsy to grab a snack or stretch your legs.

3. Check your tires

This is a good practice in general, but the hot summer roads can take an especially harsh toll on your tires. Keep your tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended PSI. Check that your tires have enough tread, especially if you’re going to be driving over unfamiliar terrain for a summer road trip.

4. Keep cool

It’s no secret that hot cars can create real trouble when left unchecked. Never leave children or pets in a vehicle unattended even with the windows down or air conditioner on. Consider cracking your windows when leaving a parked car – this will help keep your car cooler in the hot summer months. Be sure to stay hydrated when driving as well!

5. Avoid distracted driving

Stay off of your cell phone while driving! With the increased summer traffic, it’s especially important that you stay focused on the road whenever you get behind the wheel. Many states, including California, have passed laws that ban driving while using a mobile phone. Distraction can take many shapes as well. Avoid eating, applying makeup, overly interacting with passengers or other electronic devices – anything that will draw your attention away from the road.